Ana Salguero ​

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Ana Salguero ​

She is from Cadiz, an old city in southern Spain.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialty in Painting. University of Seville (2010).

Since then she has worked as a painter and illustrator for different publishing houses, companies and individuals. She has a wide additional academic training on image editing and illustration programs. She has received training as a picture book author and writer.

She has worked for five years for “Izana Editores”, with all kind of illustrations in different styles.
Her illustrations have participated in more than thirty books and publications.
She has collaborated with many national and international magazines.
She is able to adapt her work to any type of illustration required, and for very different audiences. With her creativity, she is also capable of finding the right solution to each problem.
She has no limit in using various techniques, both manual and digital, to find the best aesthetic and creative result.
Besides working as an editorial illustrator, she has worked on posters for different illustration events, exhibitions and conferences.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions of illustration and painting. We can highlight those made for the Universities of Seville and Cadiz and “Ateneo de Bellas Artes” of Seville;
different exhibitions for the city councils of Cádiz and Zafra in 2017, 2018 and 2019;
the Association of Illustrators of Cadiz (AIPC Cadiz); the Contemporary Creation Space (ECCO), and for the association of illustrators “Garabattagge Ilustra Sevilla”…

Preselected for the biennial “Ilustrarte 2018” in Portugal, among more than 3000 illustrators from 150 countries.

Selected for the Exhibition of December 2019 of the City Council of Zafra.