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( Brightness) is founded by Narjes Mohammadi (Hasmik) and Sadegh Amiri in 2016 as a digital magazine to present exclusive interviews with contemporary illustrators , who are professional at their job with many valuable experiences which could help young artists. Alongside, it is promote current projects around the world with reviews and criticisms.
We want to inspire people and show that illustration is an important, effective medium in the contemporary period.

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Sadegh Amiri Hanzaki

Business Planner | Graphist and Photographer

narjes mohammadi hasmik

Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik

Art Director | Illustrator

Brightness Team Members.

We are proud to have some of the brightest minds in the Brightness Magazine.
We would like to thank our contributors, who support us over the years.

Ana Salguero | Brightness Team

Ana Salguero

International Contributor
Gloria Ruiz Brightness Magazine

Gloria Ruiz Blanco

International Contributor​
Jen Yoon

Jen Yoon

International Contributor​

Darya Ghafelehbashi

International Contributor​