Brightness Magazine No23

Exclusive interviews with
Victoria Semykina  Anastasia Lavru 
Elena Repetur
Irina Grishanova
Katerina Khlebnikova …

Brightness Magazine No22

Exclusive interviews with
Mahsa Hedayati
Francesca Dell’Orto
Eva Sánchez Gómez

Brightness Magazine No21

 Exclusive interviews with Mark Janssen, Sonia Alins,  Kieren Phelps, Guilherme Karsten and ilaria Zanellato

Brightness Magazine No20

 Exclusive interviews with Davide Bonazzi, Alison Jay, Jenny Kroik, Guillermo Flores. 

Brightness Magazine No19

Exclusive interviews with  
Paul Garland, Anna Paolini, Anna Castagnoli
, Carolina T.Godina

Brightness Magazine No18

Exclusive interviews with Amalia Resrepo, Samji ,Sandra Conejeros, Ipek Konak ,Caterina Delli Carri

Brightness Magazine No17

Exclusive interviews with Devis Grebu, Steven Chmilar, Judith Clay

Brightness Magazine No16

Exclusive interviews with Ellen Weinstein, Einar Turkowski, Eleonora Simeoni, Steven Hiller

Brightness Magazine No15

Exclusive interviews with Mariacarla Taroni, Nicolas Barrome Forgues, Kinga Britschgi

Brightness Magazine No14

Exclusive interviews with Mark Smith, June Steube, Monkc, Nakke Van Loo

Brightness Magazine No13


Brightness Magazine No12

Exclusive Interview with Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik

Brightness Magazine No11

Exclusive Interviews with : Natalie Pudalov, Clara Encinas, Igor Karash

Brightness Magazine No10

Exclusive Interviews with :
Chris Sickels, Alan Baker, Lucille Clerc

Brightness Magazine No 09

Exclusive Interviews with :

Brightness Magazine No 08

Exclusive interview with Armando Veve, Daniel Torrent, Gudrun Makelberge

Brightness Magazine No 07

Exclusive interview with :
Pablo Auladell,Tonya Tkach, Jenny Meilihove 

Brightness Magazine No 06

Exclusive interviews with: SONJA DANOWSKI,  NURI ANN , ROGER OLMOS

Brightness Magazine No 05

Exclusive interviews with :
Antonello Silverini, Dan Ferrer , Fatinha Ramos

Brightness Magazine No 04

Exclusive interviews with :
Klaas Verplancke, Glenda Subrelin, Tom Champ

Brightness Magazine No 03

Exclusive interviews with :
Marco Palena, Daniela Tieni, Violla Nicolli

Brightness Magazine No 02

Exclusive interviews with: Daria Petrilli, David REUSS, Fereshte Najafi

Brightness Magazine No 01

Exclusive interviews with: Joanna Concejo, Marcos Viso, Ofra Amit

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Brightness Awards

The Brightness competition is a non profit event open to both amateur and professional artists from any country. The aim is to give artists the ultimate platform to develop their passion and career in the illustration sector. Finalists will benefit from exhibiting, and showcasing their work to art critics and art directors.

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( Brightness) is founded by Narjes Mohammadi (Hasmik) and Sadegh Amiri in 2016 as a digital magazine to present exclusive interviews with contemporary illustrators , who are so professional at their job with many valuable experiences which could help young artists. Alongside , it is promote current projects around the world with reviews and criticisms.
We want to inspire people and show that illustration is an important, effective medium in the contemporary period.

Brightness Magazine Founders

Sadegh Amiri Hanzaki

Founder – CEO

Art Director – Photographer

Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik

Founder – Editor-in-chief

Art Director – Illustrator

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