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Jen Yoon

Jen Yoon

My name is Jen Yoon. I’m a freelance illustrator based in New York. My works specialize in both digital and traditional mediums, creating line works arouse deep, strong emotions. For base line works, I use pencil and mechanical pencil on letter sized paper, then switch that into Photoshop for coloring and editing. The main reason I still use a pencil even though there are many pencil-like brushes online out there, is because the natural curve lines and softness of pencil drawing has the special place in my heart. 

Since creating a piece of artwork that implies both traditional and modern value is the key to me, I received a lot of inspirations from traditional paintings in museums. Particularly, Metropolitan Museum of Art is my favorite museum to refresh myself when I’m stuck in the idea sketch stage. Also, Central Park is right behind The MET, which you can fully experience the autumn in New York right now. 


My ultimate goal as an illustrator is that shed light on the issues that we easily overlooked. I try to draw illustrations that knock on people’s heart, and keep reminding people to make a difference in their lives. Even if it is just a small thing, I believe that will change our world in a good way.