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Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik

Digital Journal of Illustration

Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik

(Hasmik) Narjes Mohammadi
Freelance Artist/Illustrator, Art teacher.
Founder and Editor in chief of Brightness Magazine.

Member of Institute of Iranian Illustrator.
Member of the USA society of Illustration.
Member of the international society of writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

I always try to collect different kinds of Leaves, Old Toys, Old Photos, Flowers, Textures, and Figures. I think they have many interesting stories behind them. And there is an amazing connection between them. I am crazy about finding stories and connections behind them and make a frame for that.
Also, I like to try different techniques and styles but most of them are moves between Digital art, Pencil, and Acrylic.

Win the Jury Award prize at Hiiibrand illustration festival / 2016-2017
Win the Merit Award in IJungle illustration festival / 2017
Selected by Collectiveartsbrewing./2016
Selected in Cheap art festival in Bologna / 2016
Selected by Artist Portfolio Magazine / 2016
Chosen as 200 of best illustrator by Archive publisher/2015
Choosen for the festival Cow illustration exhibition Ukraine/2014/2015
Choosen for the festival of the international festival illustrated books (Como Pedro Por mi casa) / 2014 / Italy
Chosen as one of the 100 best illustrator by Taschen publishing house/ 2014
Choosen for the Bologna illustration festival (spotlight on reading ) /2013
Choosen for the Belgrade illustration festival /2013.
Choosen for the best in illustration exhibition in Brazil /2013.
Chosen For The Fajr Festival Illustration Exhibition ,And Gain The Letter Of Commendable /2012
Chosen For The Festival Illustration Exhibition ,Javane Melie Irani ,And Gain The Letter Of Commendable /2010
Chosen as The Second In Elmi-Farhangi Illustration Festival Exibition/2011
Chosen For the Damonfar Illustration Festival Exhibition ,Mellat Gallery/2010

Participated in Toma group exhibition/ 2017
Attended in annual Iranian illustration society exhibition / 2017
Curated and Participated at ( Sometimes with myself) Illustration Exhibition/2016
Participated at Illustration Exhibition at Artist Forum / 2016
Attended illustration exhibition in Berlin/ 2013.
Attended the Group Illustration exhibition in Rome/2013.
Attended Tehran International Biennale of Illustration / 2013.
Manager and attending at 104 windows.( an illustration exhibition)/2013
Manager and attended of illustration exhibition in Baku / 2014
Manager of illustration workshop and exhibition with Gabriel Pacheco in Tehran ,Iran / 2014
Attended the group illustration exhibition for Shahname / 2015/ Momayez Gallery
Attended the Religious Art Festival/2012, 2014
Attended the illustration exhibition and workshop, (Hasti) Arasbaran civic center gallery/2013.
Enforcement Director of Illustration Calendar , sore Publisher / 2012
Enforcement Director and Attending The Illustration Exhibition , Shafagh Gallery / 2012
Attended the annual Institute of Illustration Exhibition , Momayez Gallery / 2011
Group Illustration Exhibition ,Artists Home , Momayez Gallery/ 2009

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