Hasmik - Narjes Mohammadi

22 September 2017
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I Hope For A Brighter Future

               The fragrant smell of summer flowers was in the air. The kids were shouting and playing in the garden. The mother of the children had a serene smile on her face as she was preparing homemade barbeque for the whole family and some friends that were coming over, just like every other summer day. Suddenly, all the pristine beauty of the scene and the happiness that was in the air was shattered by the sound of explosions and gunfire. An expression of shock and worry smeared everyone’s face. Fields which were once covered in flowers, turned into cemeteries and resting places for the dismembered body parts of men, women, and children. Yet another war had started. Yet another day full of destruction had begun.

               I woke up screaming from another nightmare that I had had. Rising gingerly from my bed, I walked slowly to the mirror opposite my bed and asked myself: ‘What’s next?’ I stated seeing a bright future where people did not make fortunes selling weapons of destruction. In this future people would not become heroes based on the number of people they had killed or territories which they had conquered. Politicians would not be elected to wage wars half-across the world. I saw artists such as myself come together to wake people’s consciences and make them realize that war brings nothing other than destruction. Problems can be solved through peaceful negotiations. We are one people. We live on the same planet. All our children must have the right to clean drinking water, to sanitation, and to a life where they can dream big dreams. Regardless of where children are born, whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, or America, they must have a chance at a brighter future.

               As an artist, just like you, I am hoping for and dreaming of a brighter future. Let’s band together to cultivate flowers on devastated fields, to mend the broken hearts of heartbroken mothers, and to spread happiness where before there was just sorrow. Together we can create the awareness that instead of war, negotiations are the answer to problems. Let’s rid this world of war and bullets. Every life is precious and hence cannot be taken away under any pretense by anyone. Children have the right to life and prosperity. Men, women, and children have an unalienable right to happiness and a brighter future. Let’s spread the principles of sharing, loving, and caring. Let heroes be those who build hospitals, homes, and wells instead of those who take up arms and destroy. Let the examples of bravery and valor be doctors, nurses, and teachers, rather than soldiers and generals. Let our heroic politicians preach peace rather than war. My hero is my fellow artist who works hard to bring peace and a better tomorrow.

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