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Digital Journal of Illustration


erranT coworking space

More than 350 original illustrations in four hours, more than 20 illustrators working in real time and more than 400 people enjoying the activity, whose entire collection was donated to a food bank. That was the very last activity related to Illustration which took place at “erranT coworking space”, a coworking placed in the city…
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In January 2013, Mohamed Danawi, a university professor of illustration and a former chair of its illustration department, decided to embark on a new project, to establish a global agency, representing illustrators worldwide, not knowing it will be a massive undertaking and one that became what it is now, one of the top and most…
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Rebelle 3

Rebelle 3 improves the realism of digital art with its state-of-the-art watercolor simulation Slovakia, 30th April 2018 – Is there anything that can beat the tactile feel of art materials? Escape Motions is back with a major update to their paint software Rebelle promising to be ever closer to that of traditional painting. The newly…
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