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About Us

Digital Journal of Illustration

( Brightness) was founded by Narjes Mohammadi (Hasmik) and Sadegh Amiri in 2016 as a digital magazine to present exclusive interviews with contemporary illustrators , who are so professional at their job with many valuable experiences which could help young artists. Alongside , it is promoted current projects around the world with reviews and criticisms . We want to inspire people and show that illustration is an important, effective medium in the contemporary period. Moreover, we present articles about illustration and it`s position in different cultures and countries. (Brightness) seeks to new ideas and projects, so be in touch with us if you want to promote your projects as an independent illustrator or curator. You can keep up to date on events happening around the world with our guide to current and upcoming exhibitions, contests, workshops, and publication launches with links to resources. So, if you are an illustrator or interest in that , or want to say hi, just get in touch!