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erranT coworking space

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erranT coworking space


More than 350 original illustrations in four hours, more than 20 illustrators working in real time and more than 400 people enjoying the activity, whose entire collection was donated to a food bank. That was the very last activity related to Illustration which took place at “erranT coworking space”, a coworking placed in the city center of Granada (Spain), in which Illustration is given a preferential position.

At “Creadores a sueldo”, as the activity was named, visitors enjoyed the local illustrators work, who created original works through different illustration techniques in record time. Public is free to enjoy at this coworking space, an exposition showing an illustrator´s work every month. Since it opened its doors at the end of 2013, it has acted as a spokenperson for illustration, not only with the illustrations, but also with talks, conferences and illustrated book presentations. In the same way illustrations workshops has taken place, assisted by professionals as Roger Olmos and Guridi.

Once a year illustrators come together to draw in real time at the different storefronts, so that citizens from Granada can enjoy the live acts.

Behind all these activities, the management team of this coworking space in which the responsible of “Un Periodista en el Bolsillo” is found, a blog dedicated to the world of illustration that after five years of work it has become in a reference space in order to get to know the work of illustrators through interviews with them. More than 650 interviews with illustrators all over the world have been published in this trajectory. Within this “pocket” we find a large number of stories about what is actually behind of what we find in the illustrated books and about how illustrators work.



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