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Daria Petrilli

Digital Journal of Illustration

Daria Petrilli

creator of silent poetry

Daria Petrilli was born in 1970 and graduated as illustrator At Institute European of Design in 1995

She lives and works in Rome as a freelancer in the field of editorial illustration for many years, specifically in the field of illustration for children, public both in Italy and on the international market.
Her work has been used in advertising campaigns, books, covers, packaging, illustrations, school, encyclopedic.
Wins or is selected in numerous competitions and exhibitions related industry exhibiting in Italy and abroad.

My journey into the world of ‘illustration begins a long time ago;
Ever since I was a child I lost myself in the images of illustrated books and I was completely fascinated, one of my favorites was The Firebird of a Russian edition where the drawings were made with the style of miniatures of Russian lacquer.

Even then I appreciated different illustrations, not exactly conventional style ‘s publishing of the time, that of my childhood so a lot’ of time ago, to those very stereotypical times.
Therefore already as a child I always tried to improve myself to practicing in the drawing, I embarked on academic art studies, which over time have helped me to understand that it was the thing that interested me.

Taking a course of classical studies and helped by the fact that I live in a city, Rome, immersed in ‘antiquities and ancient splendor I have always had a passion for the history of’ art.
With a predilection for certain representation and historical periods including one on all the surrealism.

When I began this work I have adapted to make things more different in the different fields that this profession can offer, but I was insodisfatta because I often did things that not accounted.
My most pressing need has always been to find a personal style that would make me recognize and plan or plan began to decline job offers that distracted me from this research.

I was helped by the birth of my daughter, to keep up with her or put aside my commercial work, and I found myself spending a lot of time alone me and my computer.
Prior to that I drew and painted especially with the classical techniques especially acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencils, and I used the digital as a compendium. indeed I have to say to him I had a form of snobbery.

However at some point I have approached me and I started to play with it … it is the right word, I began to realize that I could convey in a fast and effective manner the ideas that came to me all the time. And I began to compose images like this for my simple pleasure of them without a purpose or aim at something.
Thus I was born the images with my female subjects where I started to put in all my inspirations and visual passions.
And things to put in it were many, film quotes, data visual cues from fashion photos, pictorial references, balanced compositions and harmonics and a sense of elegance and composure.
The feelings they express are always subdued, because I love to give a sense of emotional withdrawal.
These figures could change from a Renaissance setting in a metaphysical space, out of the present time and chase past archetypes.
My figures are often accompanied by animals, especially birds, their eyes fascinate me for that sense of primordial concern emanating.
Digital manipulation was the element that allowed me to give it life, mixing, overlapping and painting my creations and have become increasingly personal.
is output from them my most hidden interiority and imaginative.
They saw the spread on the web, as if they had life proper and from there started another story, have been called to carry books, covers and other things that finally reflected my imagination.


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