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Gloria Ruiz Blanco ​

Hello everyone, my name is Gloria Ruiz Blanco and I am from a beautiful land in southern Spain in Extremadura and to be more exact, Zafra.

I graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Granada.  In Seville I did the Master in Script, Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity.

I am currently a PhD student at the International School of the University of Seville. My doctorate is the Interuniversity in Communication and my line of research is the branch of Audiovisual Communication.

My doctoral thesis deals with cinematographic adaptations of children’s stories. It is a very complex field of study as it is halfway between literary studies and cinematographic narrative studies.

I have written articles for very important and award-winning magazines in Spain such as Babar and Peonza.

I have also published several works in academic journals with diffusion in Spain and Latin America such as Making of and Comunicación y Pedagogía.

My work as a researcher is my passion. I love reading, analysing and studying myths, stories and literary tales and seeing how the communication model of these stories evolves in diverse cultures and throughout history. The process of adaptation that may suffer to another medium such as film, television, video games, opera and theatre is very interesting.

This is my job and I am very fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to it. It’s exciting to know that your work can help another person as a source of information and even as an inspiration to develop a job.