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Klaas Verplancke Klaas Verplancke (1964) studied Advertising Graphics and Photography. He started his professional career in advertising agencies and continued to do his illustrating after office hours. In 1990, he decided to become a full-time illustrator. Advertising acted as a handy training ground for his new profession, teaching him to analyze issues and to get…
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Viola Niccolai


Viola Niccolai • Tell us about you and when did you decide to be an illustrator? I’m from Italy and I’m 30 years old. Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by drawings and when I was 18 I decided to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where I studied painting.…
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Marco Palena brightness magazine sadegh amiri narjes mohammadi

Evocative, dreamy and conceptual

Marco Palena When did you start to dedicate to the world of illustrations? I have been drawing since I was a kid, but it was only a short time ago that I got into illustration. After completing my art studies (Art School and Faculty of Architecture), I did not cultivate my passion for drawing consistently…
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fereshteh najafi brightness magazine narjes mohammadi sadegh amiri


Fereshteh Najafi Fereshteh Najafi is a versatile artist who works in a wide range of colors and details. She focuses on her unique style. She is known for her illustrations which have been described as imaginative and evocative. She was born in Iran in 1974 and has a bachelors in graphic design and masters in…
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Daria Petrilli brightness magazine narjes mohammadi sadegh amiri

creator of silent poetry

Daria Petrilli Daria Petrilli was born in 1970 and graduated as an illustrator at the Institute European of Design in 1995. She has lived and worked in Rome as a freelancer in the field of editorial illustration for many years, specifically in the field of illustration for children, which are published both in Italy and…
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Marcos Viso brightness magazine sadegh amiri narjes mohammadi

Opening a window into the imagination

Marcos Viso Marcos Viso was born in Ourense, in 1973. He has a degree in Architectural Technology from the University of A Coruña, and he worked as a freelancer until 2013, when he decided to devote entirely to his passion: the illustration. He has an NVQ in Higher Technical Illustration from the Art School of…
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ofra amit brightness magazine

Where The Wild Things Are

Exclusive interview with Ofra Amit BIOGRAPHY Ofra Amit is an illustrator whose main work is illustrating books – from picture books to poetry books and short stories. She teaches illustration in Wizo Design Academy and also gives lectures about her work in various places. Since 2004 and throughout her years of work, she had received…
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Joanna (Asia) Concejo brightness magazine

I Was Lost In a Forest

Joanna Concejo was born in 1971 in Slupsk in Poland. She graduated in 1998 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Since 1994 she has lived in Paris, France. Joanna began working as an illustrator and artist in the late 1980s. In 2000 she was selected for the Salon de Jeune Création in France.…
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